Sunday, May 19, 2013

2013 Hanover Invitational

I was entered in the 1,600 and 3,200 here with the focus on the 1,600. I really thought I would run sub 4:24 and get the school record and when I saw the seeds I was reassured the pace would be fast. There were 4 guys (including myself) who I thought capable of dipping under 4:30. I assumed one of them would go out in 66, at least, and then we could trade off or something to keep it going. After a short warm-up and a huge clocking error, they finally started our race at 1:40 or so, and hand-timed it. I got right behind or next to the leader for the whole first lap. It felt slow. It was. 70 at 400. I took the lead and dropped it down to 66, still thinking I had a shot to at least PR. I had a big gap but the usual weird dead-legged feeling I get from being out in front by myself set in, and I slowed to a 70, intentionally, to let them catch me. I got on Brandon and Ben's shoulder at the bell and tried to cover Ben's move, but he basically slowly pulled away from me the entire last 400. I closed in 64 for another 4:30 and second with Ben winning in 4:30 low or so. This is really pissing me off, honestly. I haven't PRed in the mile/1,500/1,600 in OVER A YEAR. Next week I'm gonna double at Essex bc there should be some fast guys there so I should finally get a PR.

I recovered quickly but had a 2 hour rest before the 3,200. I was honestly only hoping to break 10 minutes officially for the first time, which I was hoping would be easy. Finnigan tripled back after his 4:30 and 2:02 and was willing to lead some of it.  On about the second lap I asked if he wanted to switch off and he said yeah. He always seemed to slow it down though, on the few laps he led. We were 75.9, 76.9, 78.2 (his final lap leading.) I took over and went solo with a 73.3 for a 5:04 high at 1,600. 75.1, 75.0, 74.8, 66.6 got me to 9:56.19, sort of a PR, a good workout, and a 24 second win. Satisfied with that effort, though I really would like to go about 20 seconds faster next week.

Overall, a bittersweet meet.

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