Saturday, May 25, 2013


Objective: 4x400@70s, 4x200@32s, rest 1 minute between 400s and 30 seconds between 200s.

Weather: 45 degrees, raining, and very windy.

Location: Bellows Falls Track

Companions: Jonesy, Willie, and Punger.

Apparel: Nike running jacket, Reebok half tights, Nike Zoom Victory track spikes.  

Result: 68.1, 70.x, 70.0, 31.1, 31.0, 30.9

Analysis: I texted my coach this morning and suggested the objective workout, with my thought being to get in some work at my 3k and 1,500 goal paces, with some more practice with short rests. I still thought it would be really easy. Coach had us only do three of each, and gave us equal distance jogs as well as some standing rests. That made it even easier than I thought it would be. I led the first two of each set, with Willie and Punger kicking away on the last of each set. I kept it pretty even. I could eat a candy bar and run a 70! (For those of you who haven't watched the 2004 Olympic 1,500 meter final I would suggest you do so.) Seriously, I felt like I was strolling in the park while running 70 pace with a massive wind. That's why I think I can run 9:20 in the 3,200 right now. I really hope I get in the right race though... The prospects for New England's don't look that good. I might not get into the fast heat, it might be too hot, too windy, tactical race, etc. I really don't know how kids run as fast as they do, given all the factors that slow times down. I'm pretty confident in my fitness right now, and that I can get pretty close to the goal times I set for myself before the season (4:15/9:20.) I knew that the 4:15 was reaching a bit and that sub 4:20 would make me extremely happy. Ending my junior season a 4:20/9:20 guy might make me somewhat mediocre in terms of high level D1 recruiting, but would definitely garner interest from every level besides that. Anyway, this was a good workout, and I'm ready for Essex in two days. 

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