Sunday, May 12, 2013

CVC Finals

The 800 is a strange event for me. Some days I feel like I can just kill and but most days the speed just isn't there for me. However, it was for this race. I was hoping to run 2:02, 2:01 at best here. I figured it would be a fast race with Damato up front, and some Lebanon guys near me. Damato took it out in 28 mid at 200, with me at 29 lowish, in third, behind Ben Chaimberg a soph from Hanover. I passed Ben right before 400, which Willie had me at 59.4. I pretty much stayed right on Damato's shoulder until the final straightaway. I think we went through 600 in 1:28 or 1:29. I dug deep and I felt like I was still flying up until about 50 to go, when I tied up pretty hard. He got away and ran 1:59.74 and I got second 2:00.76!!!! 2.98 second PR from Tuesday. I was so pumped. Chaimberg ran 2:01.54. Damn that is fast for a sophomore.

I came back for the 3,200 meters literally a half hour later. I was just going to do another progression workout. I sorta did that, my 800s were about 2:42, 2:41, 2:49, 2:31 for 10:42.99, with Willie in 10:39.01. Noah won in 9:50 and Josh got second in 9:52. Willie and I cooled down with Noah. Pretty awesome.

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