Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 13th to May 19th

Monday: Off. Planned rest day after my longest run ever as well as highest mileage week ever and 8 straight days running.

Tuesday: Meet at Fall Mountain. I was planning on running the 400, then going home to do a workout. Coach put me in the 1,600 and 4x400. I made due and got a good workout in. 3 miles warm up (24:24) 1,600 in 5:04, wore flats and soloed it from the front while simultaneously trying to pace Collin to a PR (he missed it by a few seconds and ran 5:05 high.) 5 minute break, then 2x1.5 miles on Fall Mountain's XC race course. The terrain is rough, it's undulating hills and roots and rocks all over the place, as well as a gate and fallen tree that had to be hurdled. So I didn't go quite as fast as I wanted to. The first one was 5:51 through the mile and 8:52 total. 2:30 walk rest, then 5:29 though the mile and 8:19 total. A while after that I did a 1.5 (12:07) mile cool down with Willie, part of it with Jonah. Finally, I anchored the 4x400 to a PR for us (3:54 yeah we're pretty slow) but I had a 56 split after 8.5 miles and a longg workout. Pretty pleased with that.

Wednesday: 5+ miles with Jonesy in 39:51. Felt really good especially because we kept the pace slow. Christmas came 7 months early today as my new Nike trainers and racing flats today came in. I tried on the flats for my 5 strides and felt amazing.

Thursday: The team had a home meet, so I had to hustle to get my workout in solo. 1 mile warm up (8+) then 4x300 on the track in spikes. Looking for 49s to simulate mile pace. Actually I hit 47s for all of them, and felt pretty relaxed considering I was solo and it was VERY windy. This bodes very well for Saturday's 1,600 at Hanover. 20:00ish cool down with Willie and Collin (that was their warm up.) then stretching. Had fun watching the meet.

Friday: 21:25 with Jonesy and Collin. Didn't feel that good. It was about 2.7 or so miles. Stretching, 2x15 second stride on grass in my flats, 1 stride in spikes on grass, 2x100 on the track in spikes (16.0, 15.3.) Felt pretty good.

Saturday: About 4.5 miles at the Hanover Invitational.

Sunday: 10 miles solo at Cambridgeport Road, first run in my new Nike trainers. They felt great. I didn't feel great on the way out, mainly because it's uphill for a while then very up and down, and I hit the 5 mile turnaround in 34:42, much faster than usual here. I pushed it, just a little, on the way back and split 32:01 for 1:06:43 total (6:40 pace overall.) It was lightly raining for most of it, not horrible weather though. I followed up with 2x20 second strides in my flats, which were difficult.

Total: 36.2 miles. Dropped it down because I was hoping to PR in the 1,600. Not sure what my mileage is going to be like next week, with another big meet to get ready for.

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