Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 20th to May 26th

Monday: 6+ miles in 45:59 with Willie. Some of it with Jonesy, Collin, and Jonah, and all of it with Willie. Felt very tired. 5x20 second strides in grass in flats. These were hard.

Tuesday: 5.5 miles with track workout.

Wednesday: Off day for me. Needed it.

Thursday: 5 miles (2.1ish warm up, then 4x150 on the track, in flats. I ran these WAY faster than I expected to: 21.3, 20.0, 19.8, 18.6. This was interesting because everyone on the team (boys and girls) who runs 800 and up did these, so it was fun to see how the pack sort of strung out. 2.3ish cool down.)

Friday: 7.5 miles in 56:10 with Willie and Punger (part with Jonah.) Felt great. They postponed the Essex Invitational! Now it's Tuesday. This isn't too bad for me, training-wise, but it is a little close to the state meet (next Saturday.) I stretched when I got home. I'll probably do a workout tomorrow.

Saturday: Over 6 miles with track workout. Stretching when I got home. Good (easy) day at work.

Sunday: A little over 6.5 miles solo in 53:24. That's not a typo, I ran in the VA trails, got somewhat disoriented, and resorted to bushwacking. There were a lot of stops on this run as well. I stretched, then did 6x15 second strides. I biked 8 miles with Punger and then later played some tennis.

Total: 37 miles. Good lower week for me. Maybe low 30s next week with state.

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