Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nothing Like a PR...

Fall Mountain hosted the CVC Qualifier on May the 7th, 2013. The objective for me was to go all out in the 800m and see if I was ready for a PR... realistically I thought I was going to run closer to 2:05. After I watched Damato run a beautiful  solo 1,600m in 4:28 (Jonesy was second in 4:46), with near-perfect splits, I warmed up a little shorter than usual at 1.5 miles. I felt pretty lethargic and wasn't sure what was going to happen. Damato took it out in TWENTY SEVEN at the 200m, with me back in 30 or so. I was where I wanted to be, but wasn't going to be getting a free ride. No drafting to speak of. I was 60 point at the 400 and held on for 2:03.74, a miniscule (.1 second) PR but I'm still pretty excited. Damato ran away in 1:59.89 but I didn't really care; I did my best and ran the smartest race I could. Brief cool down of another 1.5 miles, then the 3,200m. The goal for me was a progression starting at 80s working down to 76s, hopefully 10:30 or so. I got out too slow in 83 and it felt faster than I thought it would. Levi was gone in 73 and Willie was with another pack. I slowly worked my way up to them and was 5:30 (probably more like 5:31 since that's handtimed) at the 1,600m. Way too slow for me. I caught and passed Willie, allowing him to draft for about three laps. I pulled away and closed in 74, which felt easy. Final time was 10:43.00 so about a 5:12 second 1,600m. Willie finished up in a 10:45.40 PR for third, with Levi running 10:25 to win. I'm satisfied with this workout and pumped to finally beat a 367 day old PR. 1.5 mile cool down with Willie and Levi. Beautiful day indeed.

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