Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sharpening Up

Objective: 2x400@ 65, 4x800@ 2:22-224, 2x400@ 65 (1,600 and 3,200 goal pace.) 

Recovery: 1:30 between 400s, 2:00 between 400s and 800s, and 2:30 between 800s (After the last 800 I took 4:10.) 

Location: Bellows Falls Track

Weather: 85 degrees, extremely humid, and slightly windy (Aka miserable.) 

Apparel: Nike Zoom Victory Track Spikes and Nike Running Shorts.

Warm up/Cool down: Just under 2 miles in 15:42, felt awful. Then just under 1.5 miles in 11:25. I was pretty exhausted on that cool down. 

Result: 66.2, 63.0, 2:21.8, 2:20.9, 2:24.1, 64.8, 63.7

Analysis: I definitely think this is the hardest workout I've ever done (in no small part due to how tired I still felt from that hard 10 miler on Sunday and the horrible weather today.) I'm pretty happy with the times though! I ended up cutting out one of the 800s which I think is smart. Less is more, especially with two huge races on Saturday. I was hurting so bad on all of these that I felt an extra 800 might push me over that line of overtraining and not being able to recover in time for Saturday. I knew I needed to get in some 16/32 pace work with short rest, because the pace doesn't feel too fast to me, it's just that my legs tend to start getting heavy after one lap in a race. I feel that the short (for me) recoveries will help me handle that. I'm pretty surprised that I can hit 63s in a workout now. I honestly think I'm ready for a huge breakthrough at Essex (which is Vermont's all-state track meet) in which I'll be doubling 1,500 and 3,000. The school record for the 1,600 is 4:24, so I need about 4:05 to break that. The D3 state record is 4:07.40, which I should get. The school record in the 3,200 is 9:30, so I would need about 8:51 for that. I'm hoping for about 8:55, which would break the D3 state record of 9:00.5, and would be a 20 second PR for me. Honestly, there's no reason I can't go 4:04/8:55 based on what I did today. It's going to be sick. 

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