Friday, June 28, 2013

June 25th to June 31st

Monday: 4.5 miles solo in VA trails (33:40.) This was rough. Still grinding.
Tuesday: 5 miles with Willie in 38:08. We usually get down to 34 each day on this loop when we're in shape, so we clearly have a long way to go.
Wednesday: 7 miles in 51:55 with Ferenc and Willie in VA trails. Pouring rain! In some ways that was fun, but it also kinda sucked. I had a good one though, felt smooth for the first time and grinded the uphills, but felt great otherwise. Not too tired either.
Thursday: 8.5 miles in 1:03:30 with Ferenc and Willie. This one was much tougher, and in hindsight not the smartest thing to do at this stage of my fitness. Ferenc showed us some awesome trails off of Ledge Road and we did a pretty epic run across mountains, through streams, up rock faces, and through ferns. I was very tired for the last 20 minutes or so, but in all it was awesome. The next two days will be nice and easy, and hopefully I'll hit 35 for the week.
Friday: 5 miles/36 minutes. 2 minutes faster than Tuesday and felt better. Sweet.
Saturday: 5 miles in 40 minutes with Connor. We started out at a decent pace but slowed down a lot when he got tired. It was his first real run pretty much ever, so he did a pretty impressive job covering just shy of 4 miles in 30 minutes. Once he turned off, I pushed the pace for the last 10 minutes a little bit. Felt awesome. I've basically come back into what I call "basic" shape, where I can run my easy runs easily and feel very relaxed doing it. I've always known that I get back into shape very quickly.
Sunday: 0.

Total: 35 miles. Hit my objective perfectly. Next week I'm planning on about 40. I'm doing the local Fourth of July 5k on Thursday. While I'd love to hammer it and see what I'm capable of right now, I don't see that doing much for me in the long term. The objective is to start very conservatively, well slower even than tempo pace, approximately 6:00 pace hopefully. Then I'll assess the race situation and hopefully notch it down to finish in around 18:10-18:20. If it's feeling too hard then I'll just cruise 6:00 pace the rest of the way. Then on the weekend I'll do a "long" run, of 9 miles.

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