Sunday, June 16, 2013

Track Season Review

All in all, a decent season. I got PRs in the three distances I contest. Can't complain about that. Did I run as fast as I hoped? No. Could I have? Most likely, yes. The way I planned the season was stupid. Supposedly I was going to focus on the 3,200 and yet I just kept doubling and NEVER ran a fresh one. That's just idiotic. Despite that, I didn't get into that 16 or 15 that really blew the doors off. There was Essex, but that race felt surreal in that I literally LET those two guys have their way, and how I was completely at the mercy of the butchered pacing of the two leaders. The conditions could have been better and also a better pack to run in would have been beneficial. I honestly believe that the times someone runs is highly reflective of the competition they face, the nature of the races they enter. Let's look at collegiates. They rarely are able to get under 3:40 in regular season races, because it's rare to have many of them hanging on to 59 pace in a race. The best ones will occasionally go to Europe for Diamond League races. When they're put in a pack of guys who are running 57s, they're able to drop 3:34-3:37 type times. That's why next season I've got to get into fast races. I've already got a few meets in mind. Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to separate from my teammates and coach and miss a few regular season meets to do this. It's worth it. Anyway, I've begun to be a little less obsessive about times, and move away from judging a season completely based on them. Sure, I didn't run as fast I was wanted, but I did win three state titles, in addition to the team winning. I'm excited for summer and XC now!

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