Friday, July 5, 2013

July 1st to July 7th

Monday: 5 miles in 36:50 with Willie and coach.
Tuesday: 7 miles in 54:04 with Willie, Larry, and coach.
Wednesday: 7 miles in 53:12 with Jonesy.
Thursday: 6 plus miles with Fourth of July 5k Road Race "Tempo" in 20:03.
Friday: 6 miles in 46:38 solo in 91 degree heat.
Saturday: 9 miles on Cambridgeport Road with Willie in 1:07:11. Good "long" run for me at this point. Felt great.
Sunday: 0.

Total: 40 miles, just what I was looking for. Next week I'm gonna go for 45-50 with a few doubles. I'm also going to add in strides, hill sprints, and workouts, albeit very gradually, as I simultaneously increase my volume and add intensity. Very excited to get after it for the rest of the summer!

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